Adjustable Voltage Regulator 317T

Adjustable Voltage Regulator 317T
Parts List:
1) LM317T
2) 10uF
3) 0.1uF
4) 240 ohm
5) 50k variable resistor
6) Socket

Tools :
1) Solder Iron
2) Solder Paste
3) Rojon

Now put your LM317T on your breadboard pin 1 is adjustable voltage, pin 2 output voltage pin 3 is input voltage positive part of the 10uF capasitor should be connected with pin 1 and a 0.1uF capasitor will be connected with pin 3. The positive part of the 0.1uF capasitor should be connected with pin3. and rest of the pin of capasitor is ground. 220 ohm resistor is connected between ground and pin 2. Wiper pin of variable resistor should be connected to pin 1.


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